Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Fencing Off Palliser Rd Park

Please leave any comments/objections/replies you may have regards the issue of removing vagrants from Palliser Park by installing a fence at a cost of R180 000.  Most of this cost will be carried by the road closure and its members.  Details of this issue were emailed to all Edenglen South residents on our mailing list.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lost Pets

This is not pleasant when it happens but if you provide a comment on your lost pet and contact details then hopefully someone in our suburb will be able to help.


If you are looking for work or looking for workers this is the place to do it. Maids, gardeners, youngsters looking for holiday work, baby sitting, car washing etc. Please post a comment and include your contact details.


Fed up with potholes, street lights not working, leaking pipes, pollution etc.  You can complain about it here but you will still need to take it up with the responsible party e.g. Council.


Having a street party, supporting a charity, got free tickets to the rugby or having a birthday? This is the place to leave details about the event, location and your contact details.  Just add a comment and everyone will be updated.


Fed up with crazy driving, noisy neighbors, barking dogs and you just want to vent? Leave your comments here but remember it won't solve your problem and you probably need to have a polite conversation with the involved parties! Please no insults or details which specifically identify people and homes e.g. car registration, names and addresses.